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                     MISCELLANEOUS PRODUCTS


Presently, we have a few products that would classify as miscellaneous. Our Cable Banding Thread, available in three sizes O,OO and E. DTD CBA (cable banding thread size "O" ) is used primarily for N lumber products. DTD CBOO is a smaller diameter thread and is used for a finer look for banding and load tying. Our Z Scale lumber loads are tied with this thread. Size E is used on all HO applicable products and has a visible braided look. The prefix on the part number indicates that these two products might be classed as an N scale product. But in this case, scale isn't relative. For modeling these products have interesting characteristics. For tying, this thread has some elasticity to it. So, one is able to get a snug tie and still be able to adjust the band. When pulled tight, the thread appears to lay down and flatten against the item tied, hence the term" banding".  Gluing with medium CA  works the best. Lastly, since this is not cotton thread, there is no "fuzzy" look to the banding. 

These products are ideal for detailing the lumber kits by adding banding to the units of wood. An upgrading of the economical lumber kits sold on our site.


Item Description Price
DTD CBO Banding Thread $4.95
DTD CBOO Banding Thread $4.95
DTD CBE Banding Thread $4.95









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